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  • Increase team speed and athleticism

  • Private training results at a fraction of the cost

  • Fitness and conditioning training- great for preseason training programs!

  • We travel to your practice location/schedule

  • Work with coaches to customize training program

  • We provide coaches with step-by-step drills via YouTube to use in the future

  • Sports nutrition and education programs available with weekly reading, homework, quizzes, and training regimen

  • Athletic/Technical Directors: Year-round programs available! Each of your teams train 1x/week, built into your current practice schedule. Designed to peak during tournament time. Your coaches can spend more time on skill training and not worry about designating practice time for speed/conditioning.


Strength Training

  • Upper body: vertical/horizontal push and pull patterns

  • Lower body: hip flexion/extension, hamstrings, quads, glutes

  • Core: stability, diagonal chop/lift patterns, medicine ball power

  • Flexibility and mobility

  • Strength/power development translates directly to speed!

Functional Movement

  • Injury prevention, joint stability/mobility

  • Proper body alignment/posture, body control, landing mechanics

  • Improvement in movement patterns commonly used in sports


  • Running mechanics: proper knee drive, leg cycle, posture, and arm action

  • Stride lengthening, increased stride frequency

  • Resisted running, top-end speed development


  • Change of direction, lateral speed, cutting technique

  • Footwork, balance, flexibility

  • Reaction development and defensive technique


  • Power/explosiveness development

  • Fast-twitch muscle fiber development: vertical jumping ability, plyometric rebound jumping, first-step explosiveness, quickness off the ground

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