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We've stopped offering live LIT classes as of 2024. Feel free to access the on-demand library.

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this class is offered free to the cancer community.

Our goal is to provide an environment where you can feel supported by other cancer survivors, thrivers and caregivers as you exercise together!  

Low Impact Training (LIT)


Tuesdays, Thursdays-  

12:00-12:30pm (PST)

1:00-1:30 (MST)

  • A combo of functional strength, stretching, balance, and low-intensity cardio

  • Designed for those that want to improve their fitness level without feeling overwhelmed

  • Chair/wall useful for supported exercises

  • Alternative exercises offered for limitations/injuries

  • All exercises are low impact to reduce stress on body

  • Positive, encouraging atmosphere- you can do it!

*Weights (dumbbells/household items) and a yoga mat recommended

We've stopped offering LIT classes as of 2024. Feel free to access the on-deman library.

First timer? Try out this intro class recording

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