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This week we're fine-tuning arm mechanics and emphasizing knee drive.  Do you remember the 4 rules of your arms when sprinting?  There might be a pop quiz!







1.) Footwork: 1 Ft Gauntlet, 2 Ft Half H Gauntlet





2.) Acceleration Mechanics: 1 Ft, 2 Ft Hurdle Runs

3.) Agility: Lateral Hurdle Zig Relays

4.) Explosiveness: Squat/Lunge Jumps, Core





Plyo Gassers x 5


60 sec Squat Hold







Carbs, carbs, carbs!

Complex carbohydrates provide lasting energy to the body and include whole grains, brown rice, pasta, spinach, beans, broccoli, and wheat bread. Complex carbs energize the body for long periods of time, allowing you to store and call upon energy when you need it deep into your workout.


*Recommendation: Eat a hearty meal of whole grain pasta and veggies 3-6 hours before game/workout for long-lasting energy.


Simple carbohydrates provide energy quicker, and are good to consume an hour or 2 before gametime. Simple carbs can be found in more sugary foods like fruit, yogurt, cereal, and sports-drinks. Simple carbs offer less nutritional value than complex carbs, but provide instant energy.


*Recommendation: Eat a couple pieces of fruit (bananas also help prevent muscle cramping) an hour or 2 before gametime for faster-digesting energy.




During a game, it is important that you hydrate your body with enough water to replenish what you sweat out. To aid hydration, consume drinks with electrolytes in them. Great sources of these are in drinks like Gatorade and Smart Water. If an individual feels light headed or their muscles start cramping, they are dehydrated and need some water and electrolytes.


*Recommendation: Drink water and sports drinks (with electrolytes) to avoid dehydration and muscle cramping.


**Instant Cramp Relief: for players unable to overcome muscle cramps, have them drink some Pedialyte.  It’s meant for infants with dehydration, but it is packed with electrolytes for instant hydration.




Quick carbs and lots of protein to aid recovery!

Post game nutrition is the most important thing to help the body recover and rebuild. Any time we exercise, we are breaking down our muscles. After this breakdown, our muscles go into rebuilding mode, which is when they grow bigger and stronger. To ensure that our muscles recover and rebuild efficiently, we need to provide them with the right fuel.

Immediately following a game, it is important to get some simple carbs (see above) into our bodies. During/after a game, our bodies have depleted all carbohydrate energy stores and begin to eat away at our muscles for energy. To avoid muscle deterioration, we need to get some fast-absorbing calories into our body.


*Recommendation: Drink a cup of fruit juice or a sports drink to quickly replenish your body's energy supply within 30 minutes of practice/game. Fruit can accomplish this as well.


Now that our body has some fuel to replenish itself, we need to give our muscles some protein so they can rebuild even stronger than they were.  Great sources of protein are chicken, beef, fish, beans, nuts, eggs, tofu, yogurt, cheese, and milk. Protein powders can also be bought at local wellness stores and are a terrific source without having to pack on the extra calories that some of the above foods contain.


*Recommendation: Within 30 minutes of playing, consume a scoop of protein powder (or other high-protein source) and a glass of milk or a cup of yogurt. Aim for about 20-50 grams of protein.



Homework Questions:


1.) Name 3 foods that you should eat 3-6 hours before games.

2.) Name 3 foods that you should eat an hour or 2 before games.

3.) Gatorade and Smart Water aid hydration because they contain what in them?

4.) What’s the main difference between complex carbs and simple carbs (in terms of providing the body with energy)?

5.) What is the importance of protein to our bodies?  Name 2 sources of protein.

Sweat City's Top 21 Speed/Agility Drills

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