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Lindsey is a certified nutritional therapist.  Her passion is helping people live healthy, happy, balanced lives through proper nutrition.  Lindsey began studying the effects of food on the body when her mother became ill when she was eighteen.  She graduated with a bachelors of science degree from Clemson University summa cum laude with honors.  


Lindsey was Miss LA and 1st runner up at Miss California USA and has received extensive nutritional training.  She’s currently working in the entertainment industry.

Lindsey's nutrition philosophy


In order to break the "yo-yo cycle" of dieting and truly see lasting results, a meal plan should consider quality of food, meal timing and ratios, and specific symptoms that can be indicators of deficiencies.  I'm much more concerned with understanding why our bodies crave what they crave than designing a simple "calories in equals calories out" basic meal plan.  Then, we make the personalized meal plan fit into whatever’s working for you now and discuss how to make it your new daily routine.  If it's too difficult or detailed, it's not sustainable.  I like to develop a working structure that means you don’t have to wonder what to eat, especially when you’re at the lowest energy point of your day.

I prefer to approach nutrition as a support system for helping our bodies function at their best.  The best results happen by first adding micronutrients to your current diet to make your body feel supported, rather than immediately focusing on simply removing or eliminating foods.  Phase 1 should always be to make sure our bodies are getting all of the micronutrients they’re craving before we try to alter the macronutrients (carbs, fats, proteins) too much and too quickly.  If none of this makes sense, don’t worry - I break it down in a straightforward way in our sessions.  It’s easier to describe in a one on one setting and that also allows me to better understand your personal goals with nutritional coaching.


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