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6 Ways You're Sabotaging Your Workouts

Are you sabotaging your workout? Here are 6 common mistakes people make that reduce the effectiveness of their workout. ​


We all know this but proper form during your workouts is crucial. Proper form and posture will give you the most benefit of your workout and reduce your risk of injury. It's important to learn proper form because you could develop bad habits, and it will be difficult to get rid of later on.

To Avoid This: Don't be afraid to ask for help or for advice to make sure you are performing the movement correctly.


Stopping your set short or just going through the motions will reduce all the training effect you are after and will stall progress. It's important to train until failure to stimulate your muscle fibers. Not lifting heavy enough of leaving gas in the tank won't use all of your muscle fibers, and will result in reduction for improving your strength and muscle size.

To Avoid This: Next time you hit the gym make sure you are lifting heavy enough with the right number of sets and reps to get to muscle failure.


The importance of sleep and rest days is crucial for everyone. Your muscles actually need sleep and time to recover. This is when the real magic happens. Most people think you are building strength at the gym but what they don't know is you are tearing the fibers in your muscle at the gym and you are truly building size and strength during recovery. If you don't get enough sleep ore rest your muscles never truly have time to recover and you won't be able to exercise at full intensity, it will just feel like you are working out hard but it's just an illusion. 8 hours of sleep is what is recommended per night to ensure a fit and healthy body.

To Avoid This: Make sure you go to bed early, take at least 1-2 rest days per week and listen to your body.


Working out on an empty stomach or eating too much won't allow you to reach your max effort during your workout. Your body needs the fuel to power through the intensity. A pre-workout snack should be a mix of carbs, protein, and certain fats to fuel your body to get an amazing sweat. Don't eat too much because your body won't have time to digest and absorb the nutrients it needs. Working out on a full tummy might also make you feel sick.

Staying hydrated before, after, and during your workout regulates your body temperature, helps with craps, and dizziness. Dehydration also makes your body temperature and heart rate rise, which can put extra stress on your body during exercise.

Refueling is extremely important after a long or intense workout (60-90 minutes), Your post-workout snack/meal should include plenty of protein to help muscles recover.

Protein is essential for working out. Protein helps your body recover from intense training and also helps build muscles. It is important to have protein with all of your meals throughout the day.

To Avoid This: Stay hydrated and fuel your body before and after your workout with healthy clean foods.


Just like comfort food we all have those comfortable exercises, classes, cardio, etc.. These are our go-to exercises because we are familiar with them. Your comfort zone is NOT your friend when it comes to working out. Our body will adapt and eventually you'll stop seeing results by doing the same movements/pace/or workouts. Doing new and difficult exercising will hit your weak spots, and will give you more long term strength and new gains.

To help Avoid This: Change up your movements, ask questions, and keep changing the intensity with cardio and strength training. Track your weights, reps, and sets to make sure you are changing up your workouts and weights regularly.


Most of us want immediate results right? Unfortunately, training results (more size, strength, or fat loss) don't come quickly. Don't look for a quick fix, look at the bigger picture and create a life that supports your long term goals you are trying to reach. Setting the bar too high will set you up for failure. If you don't achieve your unrealistic goals, you are bond to feel discouraged and might lead you to give up all together.

To Help Avoid This: Make sure you goals are realistic and adjust your goals as needed. Make goals that you think you can accomplish and commit to them. If you do have a long term goal, create mini fitness goals to obtain the bigger goal. Plan out your goals because "failing to plan, is planning to fail." Create a workout schedule and a nutritional plan. Write it down!

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