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  • Chris Chinn

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I want you to think PINK, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

I think it's amazing what Americans have done to raise awareness the past few years. From athletes wearing pink equipment to community run/walk fundraising events to large donations by corporations, everyone seems to have a role in helping the cause.

And that includes all of us! Sweat City will be hosting a "Burpees 4 Boobies" fundraiser where we will be donating 5 cents per burpee done for an entire week of training. Our goal is to hit $500, which equals 10,000 burpees!

And it's never too young to be aware! We'll also be encouraging all of our 800 youth soccer players to wear pink the next 3 weeks, with the promise of a pizza party to the pinkest, most aware team.


  • There are currently 2.9 million breast cancer survivors in the U.S. today.

  • A woman in the U.S. has a 12.3% risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime and a 2.7% chance of dying from it.

  • Breast cancer is the 2nd leading cause of cancer deaths among women in the U.S. (behind lung cancer).

  • After 5 years, individual chance of survival is higher than 89%!

  • As little as 2.5 hours of exercise per week can reduce breast cancer risk by 18%.

  • It's estimated that if every woman over 50 had a yearly mammogram, breast cancer deaths in this age group could drop by over 25%.

  • Women who consume more than 3 alcoholic drinks per day are 51% more like to be diagnosed with breast cancer than women who don't drink.


1.) Join a local Run/Walk event

Your entry fee serves as a donation! A great organization is "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer." There are run/walks in every area around you!

2.) Do Some Burpees on Your Own!

Over a 7 day span, do as many burpees as you can. Email me how many you did and I'll be happy to add your contribution to our total.

3.) Wear Pink!

Who knows who will see your pink on the street and be reminded to get checked out. You could save a life! There's some great stuff at

4.) Make a Donation

Donate to the American Cancer Society. You're awesome! Thanks for helping!

5.) Get Yourself Checked

Take care of yaself! Get an annual mammogram. Early detection is the #1 way to be a sur-thrivor!

-Coach Chris

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