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If you haven't noticed I CLEARLY have a sweet tooth. Trying to eliminate sugar from my nutritional plan is tough especially on the days that I'm really craving something sweet and high in carbs. Have you ever had your "bulking" boyfriend eat cakes, ice cream, cookies, and other amazing things in front of your face? I have. I've also gotten mad at myself for having a physical emotional reaction to not being able to eat these foods. I was all sorts of moody and I couldn't explain why. I just was. My suggestion, have your moment, embrace it, and move forward. Don't focus on what you can't have but what you can have and KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE PRIZE. We all go through this but you have to stay focused and disciplined.

Here are some healthy sweet options for you!

  • Sugar Free Jello (I like the pre-packaged ones)

  • Gum (all sorts of flavors)

  • Bubbly Water

  • Protein Shakes

  • Rice cake with peanut butter & Fruit

  • Powdered Peanut Butter (on ALMOST anything!)

  • Hot Tea

  • 1/2 Protein Bar (Quest or Oh Yeah One)

  • Whey Protein Muffins


So what's my ultimate favorite snack to have that WILL fit in your macros?


(this recipe makes 3 small waffles)

  • 1 scoop of your favorite whey protein powder (I use Vitamin Shoppe Bodytech Whey Tech Pro 24 in French Vanilla Whey Tech Pro)

  • 1 egg white (fresh egg whites work best)

  • 1 tablespoon of water

  • Optional: dash of vanilla extract and cinnamon

Mix all ingredients together but add the water in slowly and note that you might need to add more water depending on the consistency you want your batter to be. the batter shouldn't be too runny but not clumpy.

Spray your waffle maker or pan with coconut oil or vegetable oil and pour batter. If you are using a waffle maker these do expand so I suggest putting a little less batter on the waffle maker to make sure it cooks evenly.

Eat immediately. Tip: don't try to to freeze these and pop in the toaster for a later date...they get hard and gross. Top with fresh fruits, peanut butter, sprinkles, syrup, honey, whatever fits in those macros!

There you have it! The PERFECT WAFFLE/PANCAKE!






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