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Weekend Don't Kill My Healthy Vibe

TGIF! FRIDAY my second favorite "F" word (food being the favorite).

The weekend is here! Let's go celebrate the long week we just worked! Friday, Saturday and Sunday are JAMMED packed with plans, parties, movies, family, sleeping in, and FUN. Just because it's the weekend doesn't mean we need to abort all of our progress we made Monday-Thursday. Think about it...the weekend consists of 3 of the 7 days a week we have to make healthy decisions. That's almost HALF the entire week to make progress with your goals. If you think about it, we really can't afford to take half the week off from our nutritional and fitness goals.

Photo of food from a date.  Fresh ahi tuna

Honestly, I've been there! I have friends ask me at barbecues and parties "can't you just cheat one day?" The answer is easy, yes I could, but I don't want to. I've worked hard all week why "cheat" now? I get the Fear Of Missing Out while everyone else drinks and eats chips and dip! FOMO is normal stay focused and ready for that feeling. Stay on track with these simple tricks that has helped me.

Workout and stay on your regular schedule during the weekend. No matter how much you want to sleep in our skip the gym try to maintain your routine. It will make waking up early weekdays much easier. It's okay to give yourself an extra hour of sleep or lounging around with a cup of coffee but don't over do it by sleeping half the day. Go out and DEMOLISH those goals no matter the day of the week.

Continue to eat healthy with your regular scheduled goals/macros/calories. Believe it or not you can still go out and socialize and stay on your nutritional plan. When eating out either at a restaurant or party keep these things in mind.

  • Eat a lighter and leaner breakfast/lunch to prep for a higher caloric meal later on in the day

  • Research the restaurant before you go and figure out before you leave the house what you will order

  • Offer to pick a place to meet with your friends (so you decide where to eat out)

  • Ask to substitute items on your plate (i.e. no bun, add a side salad, no starchy sides)

  • Drink a lot of water before, during, and after your meal!

  • Bring your own sides to family gatherings (I always try to bring a great salad or protein for everyone to share). Besides, didn't your mom always tell you to "never arrive empty handed to a party?" Then you are guaranteed food you can eat!

  • Skip the alcohol (save some money and calories for something else)

  • Order a coffee or tea to keep you feeling like you are part of the drinking crowd

  • Eat before you go to the party (so you aren't hungry)

  • At a party bring bubbly water and sliced fruit to add to your "mocktail" (to keep you feeling full and in with the crowd of drinkers) NO MORE FOMO!

  • Offer to be the Designated Driver! Now you really can't drink!

  • Don't sit by the food!

  • Eat only half of your meal at a restaurant or serve yourself smaller portions

  • Find events/venues/and things to do that allow you to BRING YOUR OWN FOOD! (The local horse race tracks allow outside food! Perfect for a GREAT time betting on some ponies and staying on track with my meal prep and hanging out with friends!)

Coach Chris and I at the horse races

Find fun things to do that keep you moving or things that don't include food. This will be dual purpose! You'll get a good workout in and will have fun with friends and significant others. Instead of just going out for dinner or the movies try going for a hike or a concert. Maybe consider having an experience rather than food. Be a tourist in your own city and explore all the amazing things to do outdoors. Groupon is GREAT for this!

Don't forget that this is YOUR decision to eat healthy and YOU choose to make these decisions. You don't need to explain to anyone why you aren't drinking or eating junk food. Try not to get upset when people are drinking or eating things around you that you decide to not eat. If somebody offers you a jello shot or a drink just kindly decline the invite to feel trashy the next morning. Just let it be and remember your goals are worth it. You'll be much happier and healthier in the long run and you WILL GET TO WHERE YOU WANT TO BE FASTER. Keep your eye on the prize and make good decisions.

Grill with grilled meats cooking

Everyday will have challenges. Focus on making one healthy decision at a time. Just like running a marathon just focus on the one mile you are running at that very moment. One step, one day, one mile, one meal. Your hard work will pay off. Don't sabotage yourself by letting go too much for half the week. #healthyvibesallweek

Use the weekend to relax and prep for the week ahead! Have a wonderful weekend you deserve the time to refocus, build your workouts, and meal prep!






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