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Six Myths About Exercising and Aging

As we age we tend to slow down and become more sedentary. Aging can cause health issues, weight gain, pain, mobility issues, or worries of falling down. As we grow older an active lifestyle might not seem important, but it is crucial for you to be active as you grow older!

Did you know that being active can help boost your energy, help maintain your independence, protect your heart, and manage symptoms of illness or pain. Not to mention, staying active can help with your weight, mobility, mind, mood, and memory! Regardless of your age, staying active is crucial to your health!

Myth 1: I'm going to get old regardless, there is no point into exercising.

Fact: Regular physical activity not only can help your body feeling younger but will help you LOOK younger and stay independent longer in your life. Working out will lower your risk of heart disease, Alzheimer's, dementia, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and some cancers. Regardless of your age, working out can boost your mood to make you feel like you are 20 again!

Myth 2: Exercise puts me at risk for falling down

Fact: Regular strength training will actually build muscle, stamina, and prevent bone mass loss which actually improves your balance and stability and will reduce your risk of falling.

Myth 3: I'll never be as physically fit as I once was

Fact: Hormones, metabolism, bone density, and muscle mass will change with age which will change your performance levels. Even though your strength and performance levels decline with age it doesn't mean you can't get the same sense of achievement from physical activity to improve health. Set a lifestyle goal that is appropriate for your age!

Myth 4: I'm too old to START to exercise and fitness classes are just for young people

Fact: You are never too old to start moving and improving your health! Adults who have become active later in life show more physical and mental improvements than their younger counterparts. If you have never exercised before, or it's been a while, you won't have the same sports injuries as those who regularly exercise. Basically you'll be able to do more and get more results than those with previous sports injuries. Just start off with gentle physical activities and build from there. Just like at Disney, you are NEVER TOO OLD! At Sweat City we cater to all fitness levels, ages, abilities, and goals. A sign of a good trainer is one that gets to know you, your fitness goals, any past issues, and somebody who can modify workouts to cater to what YOU need.

Myth 5: I can't exercise because I've got mobility issues

Fact: Although you might not be as mobile as you once were there are tons of exercises you can still do. You can lift weights, stretch, and do chair aerobics, chair yoga, or chair Tai Chi to increase your range of motion. These exercises will also help improve your muscle tone and strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health! You can also try low impact activities like a cycle class, swimming, or specific classes geared towards seniors.

Myth 6: I am weak and have too many aches and pains all over

Fact: Moving can actual help you manage your pain and improve strength. Start off gently and feel the rewards of more mobility, self confidence, and pain management.

At Sweat City Fitness we are here to help YOU! Regardless of age, experience, or current mobility, we are here to help you achieve a better life to age gracefully, happy, and healthy. We are always in class to help with modifications! Remember, the key is to start slow and build up your strength and endurance.






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