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Fitness As You Age: Building A Balanced Exercise Plan

In order to age with the most mobility, independence, self confidence, and reduced risk of disease you'll need to focus on these 4 areas. These are the foundation to your workout program and with the proper exercise in each you'll feel stronger, healthier, and happier!


Maintain the ability to stand and be stable. Creating better balance will help improve your posture, quality of your walking, and reduce the risk of falling or the fear of falling.

Recommended Activities: Yoga, circuit training, fitness classes, simple balance exercises, core work


The use of cardio will use large muscles groups and get your heart pumping which will help you feel less fatigue, promote Independence by improving endurance of daily activities. You'll be able to clean the house or do your errands longer with more endurance.

Recommended Activities: Walking, circuit training, water aerobics, senior sports or fitness classes, or a cycle class

Strength and Power Training

Build up your muscle strength to help prevent loss of bone mass, and improve your balance. Power training can improve your speed and will help you get a quicker reaction time. Strength training will help you build strength to do more day to day activities like opening jars, getting in and out of the car, or lifting heavier objects.

Recommended Activities: lifting light weights, senior fitness classes, circuit training, working with a personal trainer.


Getting a full range of motion will help your day to day movements and will help you feel more limber. Tying your shoe, playing with grand kids, or even looking behind you while you are driving will feel easier.

Recommended Activities: Yoga, Tai Chi, and basic stretching techniques

Don't forget to sign up for one of our 30 minute classes at Sweat City Fitness. Each one of our classes will work on these 4 building blocks to a better YOU! Sweat City offers modifications and workouts for any age and level.






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