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Un-FUELish Ways To Stay Energized

We are all busy! Let's be honest, getting 8 or more hours of sleep can sometimes be impossible.

Mid-afternoon hits and BOOM! I need toothpicks to keep my eyelids open. When low energy drags us down what do you do? We often look for sugar, caffeine, or even the occasional energy drink to help us out. These substances feel like an immediate pick-me-up but after the quick high wears off, we crash even harder.

Boosting your energy levels naturally will not only improve productivity and alertness but will also boost our moods. Let's take a look at some long-lasting solutions to help with those sluggish times. Say goodbye to fatigue and hello to feeling refreshed!


This is my ultimate go-to. Dehydration will actually make you feel drained and fatigued. Drinking water once you feel thirsty means it's already too late. Try drinking water regularly throughout the day so you stay hydrated. When you don't feel thirsty and your urine is light-colored you know you are hydrated. Take it from me, water gives me so much natural energy with no crash. Or maybe it's because I'm running to the bathroom every 20 minutes that keeps me going?


Eat a handful of almonds or peanuts which are high in magnesium and folic acid. Both of these essential nutrients are essential for energy and cell production. Just be cautious of your serving size and make sure you track them in your food log.


Grab a cinnamon stick and take a big sniff. The whiff of this scent can reduce fatigue and make you feel more alert. Plus it's totally in season right now. Peppermint aroma can also be a fatigue fighter for some.


Go out for a walk or open the blinds to get some natural sunshine. A nice warm, sunny day can enhance your mood, memory, and the ability to absorb new info. If you can't go outside at least try opening your shades. So take a step outside and refresh, refuel, and energize.


Eat for energy! Eating small snacks throughout the day can sustain energy. More importantly, eating breakfast can lead to less fatigue and stress. High fiber foods will stay with you longer and will prevent you from getting hungry. That hungry feeling will lead to low energy.

Avoid sugary foods. Sugar will absorb quickly, give you a high, and then leave you to crash to even lower energy levels. Foods with low glycemic indexes include whole-grains, fiber, veggies, nuts, and healthy oils. Carbs in general, have the highest glycemic index, those you'll want to avoid.


Key, ONE cup! *orders one cup of coffee the size of my head*

Caffeine does help with feeling alert. A cup of coffee can help sharpen your mind but you just need to be careful with how much you consume and when you consume it. Large amounts of caffeine after 2pm will cause insomnia (even if you don't think it will). Also, be aware of the sugar and creamer that might be in your coffee if you aren't drinking it black.


Exercise will naturally boost your energy and mood. Oxygen will run through your blood and get your heart rate up, your muscles working, and your brain functioning. Adding even just 10 minutes of exercise can keep your energy levels high. Move around every chance you get.


Your thymus is located at the center top of your chest. Below the collar bone, between your breasts. When you tap your thymus it triggers the production of T-cells, boosts energy, and can even relieve stress. Tap your thymus for 20 sends, and breathe in and out deeply. Let me know how this one works for you...


  • Eat an apple (more natural source of sugar)

  • Power nap

  • Sip green tea

  • Stand up

  • Blink more often (10-20 times per minute)

  • Breathe deeply

  • Sit up straight

  • Socialize with high energy friends






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