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Weight Loss Misconceptions

Let's face it, losing weight can be difficult. It takes a lot of time, energy, patience and dedication to stick to creating healthy habits. There are so many weight loss misconceptions it can get tough to figure out what to actually believe and stay motivated. Here are a few misconceptions that I think are important to keep a note of when starting, re-starting, or continuing your weightloss journey.

Once you start losing weight, you'll keep losing weight.

Burn more calories than you consume right? Weight loss is not a linear process. When you start losing weight it's usually water weight. Changing up your diet and exercise completing will lead to initial weight loss there is no doubt about it. Eventually, your weight will remain stagnant unless if you make even more changes in your diet and activity levels. Weight loss is not a linear process and you need to keep working and changing up your routine.

Hormonal changes for women can also influence weight loss. Changes in water weight can influence the number on the scale. Weight loss might not be consistently a steady loss. It's normal to see some ups and downs during the process.

Supplements will help you lose weight.

Some supplements might assist in weight loss by decreasing your appetite, but there is currently no supplements on the market that will change your metabolism. Most of the fat burning supplements out there contain major amounts of caffeine, chemicals, and herbs that might be very dangerous for your health. Not to mention, the FDA doesn't support these products and there is no real proof that any of these types of supplements actually work.

Your diet doesn't matter as long as you work out...or my favorite "I workout so I can eat."

Obviously, you can lose weight by burning more calories than you consume. If you justify overeating with exercise, you will most likely have a harder time losing weight. Just because you work out doesn't make you healthier. Your arteries can still clog even if you are running a few miles every day and not watching what you eat.

If you eat and exercise consistently, you will never gain weight.

losing weight and keeping it off is a lifestyle choice. Small dietary changes can lead to huge weight loss but as we age our metabolism slows down. As a result, you have to change up your routines more to avoid gaining weight. Keep a flexible exercise and food plan to avoid burnout and plateauing with the changes in our lives and bodies.

You can eat as much healthy food as you want.

WRONG! Overeating is overeating no matter what you are eating. Eating a healthy balanced diet is important but eating more calories in healthy foods is still eating more calories than what you burn. Portion control is important regardless of what you are eating. Nuts are healthy but they pack a TON of calories and it's important to portion out how many you are eating. It's easy to add a few hundred extra calories with nuts if it isn't monitored.

Food that tastes good is always bad for you.

If you think health food is bland you obviously haven't tried my cooking. Just kidding. If you think whole healthy foods taste bad you might need to change up the way you view foods and give yourself a little taste bud tune-up.

If you are one of those people who think that healthy foods don't taste good, you mostly aren't sure how to prepare foods to enhance their natural flavors.






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