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TRX: For Every BODY

Two males at Gym using suspension training.  Title of Blog TRX: For EveryBody

Total Body Resistance Exercise also known as the TRX is for everyBODY

The TRX uses your own bodyweight and gravity to provide you with some of the most functional movements to gain strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, core and joint stability. The TRX involves the use of hanging bands to engage muscles using your own body weight. Simply changing the angle of your body can engage muscles in any push or pull motion.

The TRX was invented by a Navy Seal. He needed a way to keep himself and his team in shape no matter where they were. So he invented this suspension training. You can push, pull, plank, rotate, hinge, lunge, and squat with the TRX So why should you try using the TRX?

The TRX suspension training is good for all levels! Anyone can use the TRX suspension training and it is beneficial for all fitness levels and athletes. Just by changing up your body position in the slightest amount can increase or decrease the load on your muscles.

The TRX is also very versatile. You can literally get a FULL BODY workout with the TRX alone. The two bands are adjustable and you can travel with the TRX easily! If you go out of town on holiday you can easily pack your TRX with you. If you have a small studio the TRX will be a MUST HAVE piece of equipment.

TRX also can improve cardio and strength. You can change the speed of your movements which can increase your workout and bring your heart rate up. You can really achieve any fitness goal with using the TRX.

Since the TRX uses gravity and body weight while you perform movements you truly are engaging your entire body giving you a full body workout. The instability of the TRX suspension engages your core constantly. Plus, the movements are very functional meaning many muscles are being worked at the same time.

Because the TRX works with suspension the actual movements you do has a very low impact on joints. The TRX offers a low risk of injury and allows you to train harder with less risk of causing an injury or making a pre-existing injury worse.

The TRX is unlike anything else out there. The TRX can be mixed in with your normal workout and you can do literally 100's of exercises with the TRX. The TRX will engage your total body and will keep your workouts fun an simple. This is one of the most simple to use pieces of equipment that can transform your life. If you want to burn fat, build strength, and improve heart health the TRX is for you! We even have a TRX at Sweat City Fitness! so stop in this week and try it out!







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