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How to Sustain A Healthy Routine

1. Keep Trying New Things Until Something Sticks

  • There’s dozens of nutritional lifestyles and diets that claim to be the best. And you know what? Many of them are right! It just all depends on you finding which one is best FOR YOU. Don’t give up, something will stick!

  • Do exercise that you like. If you don’t like running, then try strength training. No? Try yoga. The single most important part of a workout routine is that you enjoy what you’re doing.

2. Get Others Involved

  • Many people prefer to work towards a common goal. Find a friend or 2 and workout together. No friends? Shower more! Just kidding, go find a meetup group or join a class.

  • If you can get whoever you eat most of your meals with (co-workers, family, roommate) to adopt a healthy mindset, you’ll all be significantly more successful.

3. Set a Workout and Food Prep Schedule

  • Rather than making it a goal to workout 3x per week, choose specific days to exercise like Mon, Wed Fri. It’ll keep you on schedule.

  • Even more important is setting time aside to prepare your meals for the week. The number 1 reason you haven’t eaten as healthy as you’d like is because you’re figuring out your meals on the fly. Use Sunday nights to grocery shop/cook your meals for the week.

4. Join a Class!

  • Finding a fitness class, especially one you enjoy, will create accountability, set a schedule, and give you the extra motivation you need on a regular basis.

  • Trainers/instructors are experts on exercise! Trust them to give you a better workout than you would have on your own.

  • If you’re newer to exercise classes or have limitations, look for smaller group classes so you can get the attention and instruction you need to get going.






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