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  • Chris Chinn

Don't Make this Huge Mistake, Baby Boomers!

As the physical realities of aging are slowly catching up with the Baby Boomer generation, it is increasingly important to incorporate an appropriate exercise routine to stave off ailments such as osteoporosis, heart disease, and diabetes.

And while Boomers may be eating a healthy diet, walking/running, and living an active lifestyle, there’s still one giant mistake many of them are making: failing to include strength training into their routines.

Before we get into all the reasons why strength training is amazing for you Baby Boomers, it's important to recognize the obstacles that have probably kept you from starting:

-You don't know how to do it safely/correctly

-It's expensive to hire a trainer to teach you

-A fitness class is cheaper than a personal trainer but it's intimidating

If this sounds familiar, I really suggest you try a small group circuit training class which is instructional, affordable, and non-threatening.

Why Strength Training is Great for Baby Boomers

It Reverses Muscle Loss

-Adults over 30 lose on average 6 lbs of muscle per decade, and that increases to 10 lbs over 50

-Strength training 3x per week will not only prevent muscle loss, but can even grow muscle!

It Burns Fat

-On average, adults gain 16 lbs of fat per decade

-More muscle means better metabolism, which means more fat burn!

-Studies show approximately 3 lbs of muscle gain and 4 lbs of fat loss after 3 months of regular strength training

It Improves Movement and Reduces Injury

-A strength training program enhances your body’s movement patterns, balance, and stability.

-Stronger muscles and stronger bones means more durability and less strains, sprains, and breaks.

-18% of adults will experience a bone fracture due to osteoporosis

It Improves Bone Density

-It creates positive stress on your bones, which produces new bone tissue.

-Adults that do not perform strength training experience a 1-3% bone mineral density every year

-Osteoporosis and low bone mass are estimated to be a threat for almost 50% of Americans over 50

It Boosts Esteem and It’s Fun!

-Adding muscle can give your mood a much-needed boost in the years your body tends to naturally slow down

-Getting stronger is quantifiable. It’s empowering and increases self-esteem and confidence

-It releases endorphins in your brain and sharpens your mind

For those of you that want to start on your own, try doing a combination of push-ups, squats, and planks at least 3 times per week.

And for anyone looking for instruction, coaching, and encouragement, make sure to check out a small group circuit training near you!

Thanks for Sweatin' with us!

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