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Household Items That Work Just as Well as Weights

The gym is closed and you are working from home (#WFHlife) now what?

Staying on track of your fitness goals will be tough there is no doubt about it. The one thing we can do is still create a routine and workout. Working out will not only help you burn some extra calories but it will make you feel better too. If you are like most of us, you probably don't have a home gym. Before you rush online to order your weights, kettlebells, and other expensive equipment let's take a look around the house to see what we have that can act as weights.

Use the items below for your next virtual workout or DIY workout!

16 oz (1 pound)

Canned items

Bottle of salad dressings

Bottle of Vinegar

Cutlery- 10 forks or spoons rubberband together

32 oz (2 pounds)

Cartons of soy milk

Small rice bags

Medium spaghetti squash

48 oz (3 pounds)

Bag of apples (sealed)

Bag of onions

Bag of oranges

64 oz (4 pounds)

Extra-large ketchup bottle

Medium pumpkin

Bag of pet food

80 oz (5 pounds)

Large bag of rice

Bag of potatoes

Bag of flour

128 oz (8 pounds)

A gallon of water or milk

160 oz (10 pounds)

A large bottle of laundry detergent

Other items to use during a workout

  • Paint cans

  • Tools/parts

  • Bottles of water

  • Books

Your home workout might need to be altered to a higher volume because you are using less weight for each movement. High volume low weight is still very beneficial and it's always good to mix it up.

*Remember to use caution when using any of the above items and make sure everything is sealed properly and you can get a good grip on the item. Lift with care and proper form.






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