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Meal Prep Tips and Tricks!

So here we are...talking about the most dreaded part of living a "healthy" life. Meal Prep! Meal prep is something everyone says they should do but never seem to have time to do. Well guess what, if you want the results you gotta put in the time in the gym and in the kitchen. We recommend to do all of your meal prep on on Sundays (it's helped us, check out our Instagram stories to see us prep). There are some Sundays we just do NOT want to prep. Other times we just can't wait to try a new recipe or a new container.


Meal prepping has now become a normal part of life and it makes it SO MUCH EASIER to stay on track! Meal prep isn't just for the bodybuilder but could be for the super busy person who wants to stick to a budget. Meal prep is great for people who don't like to cook that much, it can be good for families who are always on the go, and meal prep is GREAT for sticking to a plan. So where do you begin you ask? Well first you'll need all of the proper tools to make meal prepping a little more organized, easy, and efficient.


A little background information, I have NEVER meal prepped before in my life until I decided I wanted to compete in a bikini competition. I didn't know how to count macros, had no idea what being keto was, knew NOTHING. I didn't even have all the fun meal prep accessories until Christmas time came along and I asked Santa for some new meal prep containers. Not only did Santa and my sister deliver on containers but they got me a wicked prep bag too! I live alone in a SMALL one bedroom apartment in Los Angeles. Some days it reaches triple digit temps and my AC is TERRIBLE. My kitchen is so small with VERY LIMITED counter space, cool air, and storage space. when opening the fridge door it almost hits the oven, but all in all I love where I live and it's perfect for me. With that being said, I've found some items that help with the meal prep process and makes it fun and convenient. Meal prepping doesn't have to be hard, find out what works best for you. There are also a lot of alternatives and healthy options that are already cooked, chopped, or shredded that you can use to save time.


The most common things in the kitchen for meal prep

NOTES: These are not mandatory but make prepping much easier and allows for more portion control. ALSO, check out your local thrift stores, garage sales, goodwills, etc... for some of these items. People are always giving away kitchen things!

  • Digital scale

  • Portion out all of your food so you know exactly how much you have per serving. This will make it much more accurate when logging your food or even to divide up your foods evenly throughout the week. No one day will have more or less food than the other.

  • The one I got was super affordable and works great and is way easier because it's a Digital Scale

  • Ice cream scoop with the lever/trigger (if you can get different sizes that's even better)

  • I use these scoops to measure out exact portions. Once again, it's all about consistency and portion control. With the ice cream scoop it will also ensure that whatever you are cooking is not only the same exact size but the cooking time will be exactly the same for everything you are making.

  • I don't have these but want them because of all the sizes Scoops

  • Leak proof/microwave safe/dishwasher safe containers (snack box size and meal size)

  • I originally had 2 types of containers. A bento box style with 3 compartments which didn't fit in my meal prep bag, and a regular meal sized. I found myself needing a snack size container as well and would just use my normal take a-way container until one week I had 2 leaks of yogurt. NO MORE! I went on amazon and ordered the snack sized containers for connivance.

  • Zip-Lock bags

  • For any leftovers, breads, or to save room in your lunch box.

  • I get them at the dollar tree or big lots to save money

  • Insulated lunch bag (I just upgraded to a backpack and it's amazing)

  • This will keep your lunch cool and fresh for you to enjoy. I just got a larger bag so I can take it LITERALLY ANYWHERE. Plus, this can double as a cooler for when you go to the beach, camping, or the pool.

  • This is my go to Larger Backpack that I got on sale at Rite Aid at the end of summer and my go to Small Prep Bag

  • Measuring cups/spoons

  • TREAT YO' SELF to some good measuring cups and spoons. Measure out everything. Instead of just a "sprinkle" of cheese measure out 1 tsp.

  • Hand held slicer

  • Quick way to slice veggies and fruits!

  • Hand held spiralizer (for veggie noodles)

  • BEST space saver of all time. Super versatile and easy to use

  • Muffin Tins

  • I use these for almost anything! Muffin tins create not only portion control but a lot fast cooking time than say a loaf pan. Use muffin liners for an even faster clean up. I use muffin tins for eggs, meatloaf, meatballs, jello, etc...






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