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5 Places to Find Affordable Workout Gear

It's obvious I love to shop! Lil Sweaty is worried he won't have any space in the closet for his clothes. Don't worry Lil Sweaty, I'll make sure there is plenty of space for your sleeveless tops!

I'm a huge thrift store junkie! I consider thrifting one of my all-time favorite hobbies during my downtime. I can find all of the high-quality brands at thrifts stores, but you have to put in the work to find these SPECTACULAR DEALS! I have gotten Athleta, Lorna Jane, Lululemon, Nike, etc... for $10 or less.

No patience for thrift stores? No problem. You can get some great deals on activewear that will hold up during those sweaty workouts. Here is my go-to list of places to get some great quality workout clothes at great prices.

TJ Maxx/Marshalls/Ross

This is my go-to stores for anything Under Armour, Nike, Adidas, etc... You can get all of your favorite brands at a HUGE discount! They have a few other off brands that are pretty good too like RBX and 90 Degrees.


Their name brand Ideology is high quality and most of the time you can get some great sales. Not only can you find a great deal, but they also have really cute tights in all different styles and prints.


I really like the Xersion Brand that JCPenney carries. Some of the tights at full price can be a bit expensive but if you catch a sale day or bring coupons with you, you can find some super cute tights for $12 or so. I think the Xersion brand has similar style tights that Lululemon has (they came out with their own camo print and jewel tone colors). I personally like the racerback Xersion tanks and sports bras.


Truthfully, Walmart has some really affordable workout wear that's really functional. I think their tights are pretty stylish but as far as tops and workout bras go they are more basic. The brand Avia and Danskin are actually really nice for the price. I also buy all of my neon running gear (for those early runs) in the men's section (think construction clothing). The neon yellow tanks and T's are $5 at Walmart! If you aren't worried about what you'll look like at 5am this is a great affordable option.


I would never have thought to shop at Costco for workout wear! They have some really great finds. Although their selection is VERY limited I've gotten some really high-quality seamless tights here (Kirkland Signature Brand). I have also gotten some great athleisure wear too. Their menswear is also really affordable (talking name brands like Nike and Under Armour). Just remember there are no fitting rooms here but they have a great return policy!

Looking to splurge on something really special? I've been known to splurge on some gym clothes, it's a weakness of mine. I usually treat myself to full priced workout gear after I hit a fitness goal (i.e. eating healthy for 21 days, getting to my goal BMI, holding a 3-minute plank). I regret NOTHING and find it's a great way to keep me motivated at the gym. Buying some new gym clothes or sneakers to remotivate yourself always works for me.

So where do I splurge? My ultimate favorite brand is Lorna Jane . Their tights can be priced at $100 and up, but there is absolutely nothing else on the market like Lorna Jane. My go-to tights are the everyday 7/8 tight. If you are a personal trainer or group fitness instructor most of the top brands offer discounts to folks in the industry. Just sign up online and BOOM you get a discount.

Some brands that give discounts to trainers and professionals in the fitness industry:

  • Lorna Jane

  • LuluLemon

  • Athleta

  • Pearl iZumi

  • prAna

  • ReebokONE

  • GU

  • New Balance

  • Victoria Secret Sport






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