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Jump-Start Your Brain

Looking at giving your brain a quick jump start in the morning? Here are 6

morning habits you can try to wake up your brain so you can maximize your day!

Whether you like to sleep in or jump out of bed and tackle the day these six tips can help you be more productive and healthy throughout the day.


It's actually super beneficial for you to get out of bed and workout. This can be a quick walk, run, or head on over to the studio for a 30 minute circuit. Exercise increase blood flow throughout your body and your brain. Getting your blood pumping first thing in the morning will definitely give your brain an extra super boost in the morning.

Healthy Foods

Even though the doughnut is calling your name it is actually slowing you down. The short burst of energy you'll get from the sugar and carbs are only temporary, followed by a HUGE crash that will lead to hunger, cravings, and fatigue. In the long run this might make concentrating more difficult. Keep healthy snacks around and eat a healthy breakfast to fuel your day. I also suggest getting enough H2O in before your coffee, breakfast, or anything else you do.

Get Cold

This is my LEAST favorite option. I hate being cold! However, for a quick wake-me-up, splash ice cold water on your face. If you are feeling really brave (I will not be) you can turn the shower on cold for a few seconds. This will really wake up your mind and get your blood pumping.

Let Light In

As soon as your alarm goes off, open the blinds and let natural light in as much as possible. The light lets your brain know it's time to get up. Extra bonus points if you can sit in the sun for a little bit before heading out to tackle the day.

Quality Sleep

Go to bed early and get enough sleep. Not only does your body recover from your workout while you sleep, the consequences of getting too little sleep include memory loss, depression, weak immune system, and a higher risk of getting sick.

Shift Your Schedule

If you feel groggy in the morning, maybe you need to change up your schedule. Go to bed earlier at night, or shift your morning activities for after work. If you aren't feeling it figure out how you can make your mornings work for you and your brain.

Now you are ready to kick start your day and have a TERRIFIC morning! Starting your day off healthy and happy will set the tone for the rest of the day!






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